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Millennium Harvest Seminary

We have re-located (MHS has terminated)




 Administration Office Management

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Advance Keyboarding Word Processing 61-120

Career Development Theory in Counseling

Christian Ministries & the Law

Church Administration

College Keyboarding 1-60 

Computer Concepts Basic

Computers in Your Future

Developing Management Skills 

Educational Administration

Exploring XP Professional 

Financial & Managerial Accounting

Human Resources Management

Introduction to Psychology & Counseling (Christian Perspective)

Introduction in Christian Education

Managing the Information Technology Resource

Leadership in Organizations

Procedures Office Professionals

Procedures & Theory for Administrative Professionals

Public Speaking

Technology & for Administrative Professionals

Theological Principles


Millennium Harvest Seminary is a Legal Theological Seminary.

    Millennium Harvest Seminary does not hold accreditation, we will be seeking accreditation in the future, when we find a honest accreditation association.

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Course for Practical Psychology for Pastors
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Practical Psychology for Pastors

Administrative Office Management

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Walking Shoes

Associate of Ministry in Ministerial Studies


Introduction Sociology

Education Psychology

Introduction Leadership

Intro. Psychology & Counseling

Martial Counseling

Ministries 101

New Testament

Pastoral Preparation

Management, 7e

New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2007.

Theological Principles

Theory and Practice of Group Counseling

Counseling Adolescents & Children

Introduction Abuse in the Family

Theories of Personality


World of Religions



Learn Hebrew

Link to Christians for Hebrew site: Click URL:

Millennium Harvest Seminary will give 3 credit hours towards learning Hebrew...Hawaii students email us at:  for assignments...Out of state students email us at:

email assignments to:

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Associate of Ministry in Christian Education

Adult Development and Aging

Building Relationships

Church Administration

Development Across the Life Span

Educational Administration

Educational Psychology: Developing Learners, 3e by Ormrod: MONCKTON01

Educational Leadership

Educational Psychology


Fundamental Math

Grammar and Usage

Human Resources Administration in Education

Introduction to Christian Education

Introduction Psychology 101

Christian Introduction Psychology & Counseling w/Christian Prospective

Introduction Sociology

Psychology for Teaching

School Leadership & Administration

Introduction In Evangelical Perspectives

Term Paper

Theological Principles

Understanding the Bible

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  • Master of Theology

  • Introduction Biblical Hermeneutics 
    Introduction Pastoral Theology
    Pastoral Preparation
  • Theological Principles
    Psychology & Counseling 101 (Intro.)
  •  Research Design 
  • Doctor of Divinity
    Christianity & Judaism 
  •  Introduction Leadership
  • Theological Principles 
    Messianic Prophecies
  •  Psychology & Counseling (Intro.)
    Research Design (first 3 pages of dissertation) 
    • Research Paper 10 pages *
  • Doctor of Religious Education

    Church Administration
    Electives Employment Counseling
    Financial Managerial Accounting 
    Human Resource Management 
    Principles of Management 
    Research Design 
    Doctor of Theology
    Electives Introduction Leadership
    New Testament
    Old Testament 102 
    Professional English 
    Religion and Clinical Psychology 
    Research Design 
    Theology Doctrine 
    World Religion 
  • Doctor of Ministry In Counseling Psychology

    Clinical Psychology 
    Development Through the Lifespan 
    Development Psychology Childhood, Adolescence

    Family Therapy 
    Law & Society
    Marital Therapy Assessment Concepts
    Practical Psychology for Pastors
    Psychological Testing 
    Psychology & Counseling (Intro.) 
    Research Design 
    Theory & Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy 

    Electives for Counseling Psychology must relate to the major e.g., Substance Abuse
    Counseling, Adult Development & Aging.
    We suggest you choose electives required by your
    state for state exam certification or licensing requirements for MFT.

    •  Doctor of Divinity
    Introduction Leadership
    Theological Principles 
    Messianic Prophecies
    Psychology & Counseling (Intro.)
    Research Design (first 3 pages of dissertation) 
    Research Paper 10 pages Christianity & Judaism

    The completion of a thesis that has been approved as to specific length or topic.
    The subject must be directly relevant to the degree. The Thesis contains 250 pages and
    should observe the fundamental forms located in such manuals as A Manual for Writer
    of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. by Kate L. Turabian or Writing Papers In
    Psychology by Ralph L. Rosnow, Mimi Rosnow.
    Two Bound Final copies of student.s thesis or dissertation must be submitted to
    Millennium Harvest Seminary prior to graduation. The Title and author should be
    displayed on the copies.

    Millennium Harvest Seminary has the prerogative to change textbooks and add additional
    courses not listed in the catalog. Students enter the Master’s program by substantiating having
    earned a Bachelor degree. The Master’s program is 60 credits hours. Download our catalog about required credit hours and check our other sites for added courses.  (Hawaii's Division)


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    Marriage Psychotherapy Theory


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