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The Way of Torah Chapter 4-7

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


When the Toah refers to a particular thing, it is to a scroll containing divinely revealed words. 
The word always bears the difinite article; The Torah means “ the scroll of the Torah”


The Torah may refer to revelation, not as an object but as a corpus of doctrine. “The Torah teaches” now refers not to the scroll but to Judaism, the doctrines and dogmas of the faith, the rules of behavior and belief.


Obviously, no account of the meaning of the word Torah can ignore the distinction between the two Torahs, Written and Oral.


What Israelites learn, while studying the Torah, not only informs them but changes them, affecting their mind, heart, soul and character.


The Mishnah, the second document of Judaism, tells no story on the surface, and does not resemble the Torah.


The Mishnah is still  memorized in the circle of all those who particpate in the religion, Judasim and after scripture a principal holy book of Judaism.


The Talmud is a commentary on the Mishnan?


There are Three Talmuds?


The Talmud and the Mishanal are part of the Oral Torah?


Midrash: the Palestinian Jews and the Hebrew Bible in the Greco-Roman Period.

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